About Trenzza

Trenzza Design Studio is an apparel graphic design company whos focus is to provide unique and innovative print and pattern designs that keep up with consumer trends. We take our clients conceptual ideas and develop them into a powerful and marketable digital textile design for their specific projects.

This is all accomplished through our extensive experience in taking practical design inspirations from a wide range of market research, our expertise in using computer aided design (CAD) software and our strong communication skill.

Trenzza is known in the industry for its unique apparel designs and is a leader in the textile design industry with specialties in women's, children, junior's, men's and young men's contemporary lifestyles.

What We Do Best

Our design team brings to the table a higher understanding and analysis on up and coming fashion trends, color design themes, key bodies or silhouettes as well as graphics. For this reason, our expert design staff can successfully guide you through every aspect of the project to ensure that the quality and consistency represents your vision and overall company brand.


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